EURO 2016

The Salvation Army in France


Conversation with Philippe Clément and Major David Vandebeulque (Armée du Salut in Paris)

Facebook Telephone Call

Monday, 11 April, 22h00 – 22h40



  • Last year it was so…
  • Doing Mission during the last week of the Euro 2016 was the original plan leading up to the final in Paris.
  • This was the case when we had our meeting at the Glockenspitze (SRS Arena FORUM) in November 2015




The Salvation Army is partnering with La Rencontre (Beverly Hawkins; in three locations:



  • Training in Paris. Saturday, 30 April in Paris at The Salvation Army Paris Corps (Congregation).
  • At this meeting all the possible projects will be presented and an ecumenical plan for the Paris area established.



  • A planning and preparation meeting with La Rencontre in Lilli has already taken place.
  • The Salvation Army has a very small congregation in Lilli.
  • The officers are retiring this summer and their replacement will arrive after the Euro 2016.
  • The Army will work ecumenically in Lilli supported by several young people from The Salvation Army in Belgium.



  • A planning and preparation meeting with La Rencontre in Lyon has already taken place.
  • David Vandebeulque is waiting to hear from La Rencontre as to the outcome of this meeting.
  • The Salvation Army Lyon Corps (Congregation) has decided to open their building for large screen viewing:
    • Before the match they will go on the street to invite people to come and watch.
    • Members of the congregation will be encouraged to invite and bring their friends.
    • At halftime a video will be shown with testimonies from Christian athletes.
  • Which games will be shown has not yet been decided.


Salvation Army Contact Persons (for further information and possible mission opportunities):

  • Mathilde in Paris. She is responsible nationally for The Salvation Army Euro2016 Sports Mission Campaign. E-Mail:
  • Lénaïc Estievenart in Brussels. He is coordinator of Sports Mission for The Salvation Army in the France and Belgium Territory. E-Mail:
  • Major David Vandebeulque, Territorial Children’s and Youth Secretary, France and Belgium Territory. David is ultimately responsible for the The Salvation Army Euro2016 Sports Mission Campaign in France. E-Mail:

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